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Bathysphere Underwater Biological Labratory (BUBL) Project

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As you arrive at the Rochester Museum and Science Center for your BUBL™ Voyage, please enter the museum through the main doors. You will see a bright blue horse in the bus loop to greet you.

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As you enter the museum, you will be met by your voyage commanders at the welcome desk. Once your commanders join you, you will be split into two teams and escorted to the launch center. Team A will depart for the West side of Lake Ontario. Team B will depart a few moments later for the East side of the lake.

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To reach the Bathysphere Underwater Biological Laboratories (BUBL), it will be necessary for you to ride on one of our DSV’s. (deep submergence vehicles). Once aboard the DSV, you will be exposed to a simulated ride that takes you under the lake. During this voyage, we will be collecting data and information for you to analyze within the lab.

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As you enter the laboratory, find your work station and await your commanders directions before beginning any tasks. The computer system will be “secured” when you arrive and it must be brought “online” by one of the Communications Officers.

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Yes, the animals in the aquariums are alive and yes, you will be touching them. This is just one of the many fun and exciting things you’ll be doing at the BUBL™


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We’ll look forward to having you join us. Don’t forget, we now offer voyages to the general public. Call the BUBL™ office for details click here: Contact Us

We’ll see you soon!!